Annual FACE Charity Event is set to hit 9th year with Major Success

Contact: Sarah Tropeano
H.H. Brown Shoe Company

FACE – Safeguarding international workers and Bringing hope to China’s youth

November 3, 2013 will mark the ninth annual Footwear Association Charity Event in Shanghai, China. One of the most celebrated charity events of the footwear industry, FACE has raised over $8 million USD to date, with proceeds supporting charities dedicated to providing immediate and long-term relief throughout China. Collectively, members of the footwear industry along with partner charities address all aspects of a child’s wellbeing, from fundamental needs such as food, shelter and medical care, to social outreach, learning and cultural enrichment. But FACE does much more than empower those in need. Its scope reaches the greater health concerns of the fashion industry employees who work and travel there as well.

With the steady outbreak of infectious disease appearing in China, there is increasing concern for business travelers frequenting China. The risk of infection or quarantine threatens to impact not only the health of industry professionals but also the cycle of business production. With SARS, H1N1, H5N1 and most recently H7N9 casting a dark cloud over those conducting business in China, FACE works jointly with Harvard Public School of Health, a global leader in public health policy and communication, to fuel their China Initiative with the ultimate goal of increasing public safety through knowledge and information and bringing healthcare to rural areas.

To date, the H7N9 bird flu virus has affected over 135 people in China, out of which 44 of these cases were fatal. With a shocking mortality rate of 32%, this highly-contagious virus has spread from its place of origin, in five Chinese provinces, as far as Taiwan in a mere five months. This dangerous, life-threatening disease is one of several concerns international companies face when conducting business in China.

Jim Issler, President and CEO of H.H. Brown and Chairman of FACE, is increasingly concerned with the risks companies on a global scale face.

“No matter what industry you operate in, any corporation or individual conducting business in China on any scale should be concerned with this matter. I’m concerned for the safety of my own employees that spend a great deal of time traveling to China to oversee our business, as well as the health and wellbeing of our partners in China. In addition to this notion, I deeply care for the core values of the charity and that is giving back to those in desperate need. The mission of FACE is two-fold; and that is bringing hope and prosperity to the less fortunate and helping to create a safer world for international business.”

A global leader in public health policy and communication, The Harvard School of Public Health has helped to sponsor over 200 public health officials in China and its efforts have been vital to the detection and control of communicable diseases. Each day HSPH works to lower the overall risk of illness in China, helping to alleviate fears and health concerns of the footwear industry employees who work and travel there. Along with the many Chinese charities FACE supports, they provide strong and continued support to HSPH to help in their fight to make China a safer place to live, work and travel.

The annual two-day Footwear Association Charity Event is the unifying moment behind the many components of this charity, bringing all of its supporters’ hard work and dedication together. The event kicks off with an invitational golf tournament held at the Lake Malaren Golf Club, which transitions to a grand gala and dinner event filled with entertainment and special appearances from China’s elite talent and entertainment. Key attendees will include Johnny Jiang, Miss Universe China Ji Dan Xu and Emmy winning producer, television host, author and humanitarian, Yue-Sai Kan.

FACE title sponsors, H.H. Brown, DAPHNE International Holdings, Synergy Shoe Co, Wei Hua Shoe Co., Ltd and BBC International LLC, along with continuous supporters, look forward to the opportunity to come together each year to enjoy a moment of fun and camaraderie with fellow industry friends while supporting a common cause. Proceeds from the event benefit the following charities:

The China Initiative (a Harvard School of Public Health program), The Zhongshan Young Volunteer Association, The Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and its China Beauty Charity Fund, The Two Ten Footwear Foundation, The China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped, Pearl Retrieval Program (A project of the Xinhua Love Foundation), Traces of Love Education Project by Johnny Jiang, Guoli Love Foundation and Wings of Music.

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