Measured Progress: Li Hua

We are very pleased to provide you with an update on Li Hua. After undergoing therapy that donations from FACE helped finance, Li Hua returned home to continue with her rehabilitation. After many hardships and setbacks, Li Hua is now able to walk around slowly with the help of her walking aid! This new level of self sufficiency has allowed Li Hua’s mother to go back to work and help provide for the family financially. Li Hua and her family are now as optimistic as they have ever been about her condition and her recovery.

Recently, the Zhongshan Young Volunteers Association held a grand-scale birthday party for Li Hua. Li Hua’s story has inspired so many people, and has bound the Young Volunteers closer together.

When Li Hua is at home, she passes the time by trying continuing to learn the English language – her favorite subject. Along with the books that the Young Volunteers provide her, Li Hua also enjoys the CDs (of both music and learning programs) that have been donated. Since both of her parents must work to provide for her family, Li Hua is often home by herself, and these materials help her pass the time.

Li Hua wants to thank everyone for their support and well wishes. She acknowledges the 2008 FACE dinner as the happiest day of her life. The work of the Zhongshan Young Volunteers Association has been a beacon of light and inspiration to Li Hua, and to those involved with her recovery.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make Li Hua’s progress possible. We will continue to update you on future developments.

Faces of FACE: Li Hua

If you attended FACE in 2008, you got a glimpse into the life of a courageous young woman named Li Hua and her inspirational story of perseverance.

In 2001, Li Hua was a typical, healthy 13-year-old girl, until one afternoon in physical education class when she fell and hit her head. She was rushed to the Zhongshan People’s Hospital where doctors diagnosed her with a brain hemorrhage and administered emergency surgery.

After the surgery Li Hua remained unconscious for seven days. She was then moved to a Guangzhou hospital where she spent the next 60 days in an Intensive Care Unit. When she regained consciousness, Li Hua could not speak. Because of the high cost of the medical care she required, her family had no choice but to move her back home.

Once at home, Li Hua and her family struggled to get the necessary healthcare because of the exorbitant price tag, and her family turned to the Chinese government for assistance. In addition to donating money to Li Hua’s family, government officials introduced her to the Zhongshan Young Volunteers Association. Upon learning of her story, the Young Volunteers launched three fundraising drives in 2005 to acquire money for treatment. After a few rounds of therapy, her outlook was as bright as it had been since before her accident.

However, even with the generous donations of the government and the fundraising efforts of the Zhongshan Young Volunteers Association, the cost of treatment remained an overwhelming burden for Li Hua’s family and obtaining treatment was difficult. With her part of brain suffering from permanent damage, and the left side of her body paralyzed, Li Hua cannot walk. She does not own a wheelchair, and must be carried from her sixth floor apartment whenever she needs to go anywhere.

Compassionate volunteers from the Zhongshan Young Volunteers Association visit her frequently and provide a wheelchair during these sessions to get her out and about. They are also working to get a therapist to visit Li Hua on a frequent basis to schedule and administer a physical exercise regimen. Li Hua, now 20 years old, is making strides every day to living a more fulfilling life. Through all of her hardships, Li Hua’s spirit has remained strong.

We’ll continue to update Li Hua’s condition as we receive more information about her recovery.


A tremendous thanks goes out to all of you for making this event our most successful one yet.

Over $1 million was raised for our seven partner charities thanks to your generous support.

For those of you who were in attendance at last month’s festivities, we hope you enjoyed the special visit from Li Hua and hearing how the Zhongshan Young Volunteers Association are giving her new hope for recovery and helping her to regain her independence. She’s a wonderful inspiration to us all, and we hope to help others like her in the years to come.

Plans for next year’s FACE tournament are already underway. For more information, or to get sponsorship information for our 2009 event, please contact John Sweeney.

FACE 2008 is right around the corner!

There’s just over one month to go now, and we’re getting ready for another terrific event in Zhongshan. Based on the success of last year’s charity golf tournament and the interest generated from donations we’ve received to date, FACE ‘08 looks to be a landmark event.

This October’s FACE event is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and have some fun while making a lasting impact in the lives of China’s less fortunate. We have a wonderful event planned and we’re looking forward to seeing you at this year’s festivities.

Donations continue to come in, and it looks like it’s going to be another successful year! Everyone should have received their invitations by now, but for those of who you can’t attend, there is still time to make a difference – just click on our How to Donate tab for details.

Our sincere thanks to our sponsors and to those of you who’ve already donated.

Can’t wait to see you next month in Zhongshan!

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